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Instructional Knitting Videos (DVD Format)

Oops! knitting DVD

Oops! Knitting DVD

Correcting Your Knitting Mistakes
The second DVD in a series of instructional knitting videos from LoriKnits will show you the easiest ways to correct those knitting errors we all seem to make. Whether you're just starting to learn, or you've been knitting for quite some time, these techniques to fix your own mistakes will help keep you working on your projects without stressing about what you did wrong. Check out the Oops! Product Page for more information about this must-have resource for any knitter.

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Beyond Purl knitting DVD

Beyond Purl Knitting DVD

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Simplify Your Knitting
The first DVD in a series of instructional knitting videos from LoriKnits will show you the very best in knitting tips, tricks and techniques, all aimed at helping you simplify your knitting, learn something new, and have a renewed passion for the craft.

Whether you're a knitting beginner who's ready to move beyond knit and purl or a more advanced knitter, you're bound to learn something from this video. Be sure to check out the main Product page for a full description and special features.

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Reviewed in the Spring 2006 issue of Vogue Knitting's knitsimple Magazine

Other Reviews:

Bobbi F.: Lori is an excellent teacher. She recognized the need to address different learning styles so adapts her training to reach all. Apparently she hit mine. For example, even though I have knitted extensively in the past, I was only able to learn one casting on method. The combination of show and tell plus text worked for me. As I watched the video and read the directions, I finally caught on. Each demonstration is broken down step by step in an easy to follow manner and gives the rational for the technique. This is then repeated with verbal and written directions. The CD combines written directions and photographs of the steps to back up the video. I highly recommend this training program. I can hardly wait for the next video.

Sue D.: I just finished making the Saxon Braid Scarf on the cover of Nicky Epstein's book - Knitting on the Edge. Not only was it the first cable I ever made, I did it totally without a cable needle. I just watched your dvd over and over again. I never understood cables before and your explanation gave me a good understanding of what is happening when you make cables and your techniques make so much sense. I'm a continental knitter and so appreciated your taking the time to demonstrate the techniques continental style. The scarf came out so beautiful that I can't believe I made it. I'm looking forward to your next dvd. You are a wonderful teacher.

Pat C., (Stockton, CA): I am a relatively new knitter and loved the Beyond Purl - the format was great and the info more than worth the price. Can't wait til the next one comes out! Keep up the good work.

P. Vitasinski: Having this DVD available 24/7 is like having Lori living in my house. She is a fantastic teacher. I love having the extra option of printing out the instructions so I can keep them in my knitting bag. When is the next DVD coming out??

R. Mellen, (Troy, MI): I bought this at my local knitting store. I know how to knit but I am always looking for easier ways to do what I know--and I hit the jackpot! I can now cable without a cable needle and knit backward just for 2 handy tricks. I really liked that this worked for continental knitting as well as American. The close ups of the teacher's hands slowly working the stitches was great also. I highly recommend this to other knitters.

Orders usually ship within two business days.

Free shipping within United States NOW available!