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Beyond Purl

This first video in a series of instructional knitting videos on DVD from LoriKnits demonstrates the very best tips, tricks and techniques. If you're a beginner - don't be afraid! Beyond Purl is intended to be a knitter's resource from the beginning through their more advanced stages. For samples of the subjects mentioned below, be sure to visit our video clip library at the bottom of the page.

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What's on the DVD?

For the beginner, the Beyond Purl video includes:
  • 5 Different Cast-Ons
  • 5 Decreases and when/how to use them
As you work up to the intermediate level, you could try:
  • Knitting in your ends as you go
  • Knitting backward
And, once you become a little more "seasoned", Beyond Purl will help you with:
  • Cable without a cable needle
  • Advanced cable without a cable needle
Other features include:
  • Lots of tips and hints
  • English AND Continental demonstrations
  • Lots of Navigation Options
  • Clear and concise Instruction
  • Clear and concise
  • Close-up, over-the-shoulder views for demonstrations
  • Custom-composed music
  • Glossary of Terms used

You get MORE with this DVD!

To make things even better and more user-friendly, we've included a CD for your computer that works on both PC and MAC. Throughout the video, you'll see graphic screens that highlight the most important points discussed. From the CD, you can print those screens.

And for those times when you simply can't have a DVD player handy, you can print the instructions for the techniques you learn while watching the DVD and carry them with you. These instructions read just like a book. You can see an example of one of these instruction sheets to the right. Be sure to have your volume up - the music of Rich Kern plays while you're browsing the CD!
Knitting Instruction Sheets
Instruction Sheet Example
Close-up photos of all knitting techniques
Instruction sheets have close-up photos of all knitting techniques

We're confident that we've included all the resources you need to successfully learn the techniques shown, whether you learn audibly or visually, are an English or a Continental knitter, and whether you're a beginner or an advanced knitter. Beyond Purl is sure to be a valued addition to your knitting library.

What are people saying?

Bobbi F.: Lori is an excellent teacher. She recognized the need to address different learning styles so adapts her training to reach all. Apparently she hit mine. For example, even though I have knitted extensively in the past, I was only able to learn one casting on method. The combination of show and tell plus text worked for me. As I watched the video and read the directions, I finally caught on. Each demonstration is broken down step by step in an easy to follow manner and gives the rational for the technique. This is then repeated with verbal and written directions. The CD combines written directions and photographs of the steps to back up the video. I highly recommend this training program. I can hardly wait for the next video.

Sue D.: I just finished making the Saxon Braid Scarf on the cover of Nicky Epstein's book - Knitting on the Edge. Not only was it the first cable I ever made, I did it totally without a cable needle. I just watched your dvd over and over again. I never understood cables before and your explanation gave me a good understanding of what is happening when you make cables and your techniques make so much sense. I'm a continental knitter and so appreciated your taking the time to demonstrate the techniques continental style. The scarf came out so beautiful that I can't believe I made it. I'm looking forward to your next dvd. You are a wonderful teacher.

Pat C., (Stockton, CA): I am a relatively new knitter and loved the Beyond Purl - the format was great and the info more than worth the price. Can't wait til the next one comes out! Keep up the good work.

P. Vitasinski: Having this DVD available 24/7 is like having Lori living in my house. She is a fantastic teacher. I love having the extra option of printing out the instructions so I can keep them in my knitting bag. When is the next DVD coming out??

R. Mellen, (Troy, MI): I bought this at my local knitting store. I know how to knit but I am always looking for easier ways to do what I know--and I hit the jackpot! I can now cable without a cable needle and knit backward just for 2 handy tricks. I really liked that this worked for continental knitting as well as American. The close ups of the teacher's hands slowly working the stitches was great also. I highly recommend this to other knitters.

Michelle B., (San Mateo, CA): This DVD is fantastic. If you've ever wanted to learn some of the tips and tricks of the seasoned knitter, this DVD is for you. The instruction is given from a cozy knit shop setting with an instructor and a couple of students. It feels as though you are sitting right there with them while the instructor teaches you some of her own shortcuts and secrets. I learned a lot - including my favorite, cabling without a cable hook! A definite must have in any knitter's collection.

Joan R., (Michigan): Lori Sheffied is southeastern Michigan's best kept knitting secret! This knitting teacher extraodinaire has been teaching her knitting skills to those fortunate enough to know about her for over 25 years. And now, her new DVD makes it possible for everyone to partake in Lori's great teaching style, as well as her abundance of knitting skills. Enjoy!

Orders usually ship within two business days.

Free shipping within United States NOW available!

The following video clips are only small samples of the actual video from the DVD. These samples are not intended to teach you any of the techniques demonstrated. Please allow the clips to download and start playing once you have selected a video clip.