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Lori Sheffield, the owner of LoriKnits, is a knitting instructor in Rochester, Michigan. She has nearly 26 years of knitting experience, and more than 23 years of teaching experience. She currently teaches about 135 students each week and enjoys every minute of it. Knitting truly is her passion, and it shows in her teaching style and the projects she takes on (for example, LoriKnits).

LoriKnits is a small, Michigan-based company that started in early 2005. Actually, I guess it started in 2004, but not officially. Here's how it worked...

Lori was sitting in a restaurant with a couple of friends (one was a student at the time) having lunch for a reason totally unrelated. The student friend had taken one of her workshops (a 2-hr theme-based class) and loved it but kept saying that there's so much information in it that she wished she could just take Lori home with her. Lori got that a lot with this class because there was so much information packed into it that it was sometimes hard to remember even when looking at the notes.

So, the student friend and the other friend started brainstorming about how wonderful it would be to have the entire class on DVD that students could buy. Lunch became a 3-hour event.

Lori liked it, but on a smaller scale. She thought she'd just tape the class one time, then transfer it to DVD and sell it to her students. The two friends had a MUCH larger idea. But Lori wasn't budging. No way. She was not, under any circumstances, going down that road.

The next thing she knew, Lori and one of her classes were filmed for a television commercial. That's where she met Caroline from Team Video. Within a couple of weeks, she hired them. From there, the project grew... and grew... and grew... and kept growing. Next was a web designer, a graphic artist, a composer/musician, computer programmers, two co-stars, set assistants, a marketing specialist, and the list goes on.

And that, my friends, was the birthing process of LoriKnits. It's just the beginning, though. We have many more videos planned and will release them as quickly as we can. In the meantime, we hope Lori eventually recovers from all that she's taken on so unexpectedly. It's a good thing she knows how to go with the flow!